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Here Are SOme Of our services we offer


With the growing pace of technology, it is becoming more apparent that there is an enormous demand for implementing this technology in our everyday lives. “Smart Homes” are the future and the future is now. 

Home Theatre


The home theatre is turning into the central entertainment location for many families. Whether that be enjoying a movie with family, watching the big NFL game with your friends, the theatre room is transforming the way people interact at home.


Along with entertainment comes distributed audio. When you do have that party, you want to ensure the house is capable of keeping your guests entertained and their spirits high. Multi-room audio solutions will take care of this for you.

Distributed Audio

Security System & Access Control

Just as important is the value of feeling safe and having a sense of security. Alarm systems and security cameras keep your property on guard to deter and capture unwanted individuals from entering your property. Access Controls provides so many entry solutions for residential and commercial buildings where multiple people are sharing the space.

24/7 ULC Monitoring tab

24 Hour Monitoring will allow you to have that peaceful mind that your family and valuables are being monitored at all times when you can’t afford to. By having your home or commercial space monitored, take advantage of the insurance discounts available to you. Contact us for more information.

Automatic Shades

Automated Window Coverings

Automated window coverings are the logical way to go in new, modern developments. No more hazards with stringing manual lines and your body stretching past those comfortable limits just to let in some natural light. Our window covering solutions range from roller shades to drapery tracks bringing in an elegant, convenient, and smart way of changing the ambience of your environment.

Partner Brands

At Repel we believe in collaboration. We would like to highlight some of our partner brands. We have built a long lasting relationships with many brands over the year and are always continuing to grow our product line.

Our Process

• Initial meeting with the client to understand needs/requirements.
• Introduce customer to products/services we provide, appropriate experiential
• Walk through with client at their site to match needs/requirements with the specifications or
any potential constraints at job site.
• Begin putting together proposal/quotation(s) and/or any design plans for customer review.
• Submit proposal for project price. Once there is an agreement with our clients, contracts are
• Acceptance of proposal deposits (dependent upon contract/job specifications).
• Coordinate service/work sequences with scheduling.
• Installers are then scheduled to begin their work on the new project.

• Installers start the pre-wire stage and pull appropriate wires/cables in accordance to what is outlined
in contract.
• Repel will maintain the project schedule based on the clients job site progression, and proceed to
next stages of work provided reasonable notice. In addition to appropriate working conditions (eg: it
is important for our installers to only begin rough-in work once electricians have concluded their
• Submit requisitions for payment based on the percentage of work completed as outlined in finalized
contracts with client.

• Once the job site is ready for the completion stage, Repel will send their completion technicians to
complete job started from rough-in stage.
• This stage is when the majority of products are installed and interconnected based upon all pre-wire
rough-in cables.
• Submit requisitions for payment based on the percentage of work completed as outlined in finalized
contracts with client.

Project and quality management begins early in the rough-in stage and
continues through the end of the project, and addresses the following activities:

• Project management at the site for conformance to the approved contract and for quality of
• Testing and inspection of installed products
• Client education and training for certain products/services (if installed and outlined in contract)
• Ensure any additions or alterations to original contract were fulfilled based upon mutual agreement
between Repel and client

• Verify compliance with, and give notices required by law, ordinances and regulations of
public authorities required for the performance of the work.
• Any final/pending items to be addressed or completed.
• Processing of progress and final payments developed with the client.
• Changes to the project are facilitated through the review and acceptance of such items by
all participants (Repel and client).
• Cost of changes are then incorporated into a revised contract price.

• Repel will prepare any final inspection(s) to be conducted by appropriate municipal
governing bodies.



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